Paying attention to your doorbell can save your packages from porch pirates.

Paying attention to your doorbell can save your packages from porch pirates.  In today’s world since the pandemic, more people are being allowed to work from

home versus going into the office for the typical 9a.m.-5p.m., Monday-Friday work week, so while working from home, and taking a break from the job

more people start to browse the internet looking for deals to shop, and buy things for themselves, or their children.  So you place your order, and you select

two day shipping from United Parcel Service, as the delivery merchant to deliver your package that you have ordered from Neiman Marcus, but you receive

an alert that the Postal Service will be delivering your package instead, so you wait patiently for the day to arrive for your delivery, and you begin to track

the delivery location of your package online.  While at work, you decide to take a break, and when you wake up from your sleep, you realize that the package

has already been delivered because you have received an alert on your cellphone, but on your Ring doorbell, you have a sign that says, “please don’t ring doorbell,

I work from home!”  So the letter carrier hides your package, behind your flower pot, and continues on with their day delivering mail, and packages to other

residents in your neighborhood, and a van with tented windows pulls up, and five minutes later, a lady jumps out of the van, runs up to your porch, and steals

your package, it’s obvious, the van has been trailing the letter carrier, and stealing packages, wherever the letter carrier leaves a package, this event happens

everyday, people are taking advantage of the pandemic, and using masks to commit porch piracy, what can be done to stop this?

1. Turn your volume down on your doorbell if you think that it’s too loud, but don’t turn it off, because the minute that you don’t think that someone will not

steal in your neighborhood, you could easily become a victim.

2.  Communicate with your neighbor, if they’re retired, normally if you ask them, they will pick up your package, and hold it for you, while you’re at work, or

if you take a trip out of town.

3.  Place a sign on your porch, where you think that a package would be safe if placed behind a barrier, normally a courteous note will get a delivery

carriers attention.

4, If a delivery is scheduled to be delivered at night, turn on your porch light, because porch pirates normally don’t like lights, they prefer to steal

your packages in the dark.

Hopefully these tips will help you to combat porch piracy at your home, and in your neighborhood.  Paying attention to your doorbell can save your packages

from porch pirates.  More than just a blog!