The grinch that’s stealing your packages before Christmas.

The grinch that’s stealing your packages before Christmas.  The title sounds crazy, but it’s true, it’s happening in certain cities in the United States.

Criminals are attacking letter carriers, on the street, and have begun stealing arrow keys from them so that they can duplicate arrow keys to be able

to open up boxes at apartment complexes, cluster boxes that are located in neighborhoods, and some that are located on the curb, or sometimes before you enter

into a neighborhood, depending on how the community wants the boxes to be located for its residents.  When do these theft attempts occur, one might

ask, and the answer is mostly at night, or when the criminal feels like most people aren’t paying attention.  People often order packages, and if they can

fit into the mailbox, the letter carrier will leave the package in your mailbox, you leave to go out of town, thinking that your package will be safe, but when

you return from vacation, you realize that your box of checks are missing that you ordered, your bank card is missing, and your small package that you ordered

from Amazon is missing as well, but you received an alert from the United States Postal Service stating that your item has been delivered to your mailbox.

What can be done to fix this problem?

1. Install cameras above the mailroom to be able to observe all activity 24 hours a day.

2.  Hire security to patrol the area, if there is a security presence then theft will unlikely occur.

3.  Check your boxes on a daily basis, if you order something, and you know that you might be out of town, place your mail on hold until you return.

4.  Install a sign in the mailroom to notify all delivery companies to attempt deliveries at the residents door, and don’t leave packages in the mailroom.

These are a few suggestions to keep the grinch from stealing your packages from your mailbox, or your house, condo, apartment, and etc., stay alert, and

report any suspicious activity at all times.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!