Your business should always be personal!

Your business should always be personal sounds like a bold statement, but really if you own a home based business, or you receive mail at your home in regards to your business, and you decide to move and you put in a family forwarding order for Matthew, and Jennifer Jones, but you forget to include your business Jones Consulting Inc., then when mail comes in your business name, and logistics personnel don’t know where you moved then more than likely your mail will be returned to the sender, along with packages that you might order in your business name. Normally your business mail will be held for a period of 10 days, and after 10 days have passed, then your Letter Carrier can, and more than likely will return all of your mail to the sender. Business owners really don’t think about this sometimes, until they start missing out on payment invoices from vendors, and then they realize that their business mail is going to their old address, and then they wonder why they haven’t received a payment from a merchant in over 90 days. So remember if you decide to move, or relocate, it’s your responsibility to also put in a change of address for your business. If you’re having construction done on your home, and the project is going to be for a 6 month period, and you put in a temporary forwarding order, and the 6 month time frame comes, and the project is still unfinished, you have to put in another temporary forwarding order to continue receiving your mail. As a registered member of you can update your account anywhere in the world 24/7/365. Remember to print legibly on your forwarding order for your mail, because if one letter is spelled incorrectly your mail could be returned to the sender. Your business should always be personal.