Bad weather can delay your packages.

Bad weather can delay your packages. You might think that the weather where you live at is nice and sunny, but you have family in Colorado Springs, Colorado who have been hit by 18 inches of snow, and all of the flights in that area have been delayed due to a massive snowstorm that is going to hit the area in less than two hours. You place an order online from a merchant who lives in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area, and you request the one day shipping option, but the roads have been closed, and the local UPS store has closed early due to bad weather, then it’s almost guaranteed that your item will be delayed for one to two days before it even leaves the area. Safety is always a big concern, and corporations like USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, and etc., don’t want to damage their vehicles, or have personnel getting hurt due to bad weather, and also pilots who are flying the airplanes have to have a safe runway to land on, and to fly out of, and land to the destinations that your packages are going to, and from. Normally you have a tracking number that you’re presented with when you order a product from a merchant so you can go on the respective website to track the location of the package, to when it left the destination to when it’s expected to be at the fulfillment center in the city in which you live in. You can find out normally when the package is on the truck with the driver, and when it’s expected to be delivered to your address. Patience is the key, these companies want to deliver your item as quickly, and safely as possible, so please be patient because bad weather can delay your packages. Merry Christmas!