Time change, delivery, and the importance of the light!

As we all know the time change has take effect, and the importance of light for delivery drivers, and personnel is more important now than it ever was before. This is the time of year that mail delivery as well as package delivery picks up with the Christmas holiday becoming increasingly closer, and the explosion of online shopping continues to grow. People are no longer going to the shopping mall to make purchases, they’re ordering items in their pajamas at home, from their smartphones in a different city than where they live, in a different country, and etc. Leaving on a porch light can really make a difference, and can help to prevent a misdelivery, as well as prevent an injury to a Postal Carrier, UPS driver, FedEx driver, DHL driver, Amazon driver, or any other logistics driver who delivers packages, or items to your house that you have ordered, a light on can also deter a burglar because they hate being seen in the light. Having a light on can also help the logistics personnel to be seen for their safety purposes, as well miss stepping in a hole in your yard that could cause an injury if they can’t see where they’re walking to at night. Having a Christmas reef on your door at an apartment complex could also prevent delivery challenges if the hallway is dark, and there is no light so this can also help to prevent misdelivery if your number can be seen clearly, if it’s covered up by a Christmas decoration, and there are 50 other doors that look the same, then this could also cause a problem with an item being delivered to the wrong address. If you don’t have your address on the curve so that the driver can see it, this can also cause a delivery issue, but having your light on can really help the logistics personnel see where they’re going during this time of the season, so please leave your light on if possible, let there be light!