A camera can help to deter package theft.

A camera can help to deter package theft. What exactly does this mean? Well having a camera at your home can help deter package theft because when a porch pirate walks up to your house, one of the first things that they will do upon walking up to your porch is to look for a camera that is recording, some security cameras will say, “camera recording,” or a whistle sound is made to indicate that the camera is recording, normally if a porch pirate hears this activity, and sees that the Ring camera, or Google Nest camera is spinning then they very well could be caught on camera trying to steal a package, and normally upon seeing the warning signs that they could be possibly be on camera, they will normally not even attempt to grab a package for the simple fact of being caught on camera, but with the pandemic being in place some are bold enough to steal a package even while being filmed because they have on a mask that they feel can cover up their identity.
With Christmas being around the corner, a lot of delivery merchants are beginning to hire Christmas help, so some workers will have on a safety jacket that will identify who they might be working for, and normally they’ll have a badge that is visible so that you can also identify who they might be working for in the event that they’re using their personally owned vehicle to deliver packages during the holiday season.
What can delivery merchants do to provide a better service to their customers? If there is a pillar that you can hide the package behind, hide the package so that it can’t be seen from the street, if the delivery merchant sees the same car following their delivery truck, stay alert because it could be a porch pirate waiting for an opportunity to steal packages that your company is delivering to customers. Walk all the way to the customers door, don’t leave the package in sight where it can be seen from the street because packages attract porch pirates that are visible, place the package to where it can be seen from the camera, normally this will deter a thief from attempting to steal a package. Different cameras cost different prices, do your research, and find one that works best for you, and remember, a camera can help to deter package theft. More than just a blog!