Going on vacation, mail, and packages.

Going on vacation, mail, and packages. Sometimes we all need a break, and although the travel industry has taken a serious hit during the pandemic, families are still planning vacations, as well as couples, who want to get away for the weekend, or several weeks at a time. Las Vegas, a college football game at your alma mater, the NFL, NHL, you name it being around entertainment excites a lot of people, but one thing that we have to take care of when we leave home is our mail, and packages. Planning ahead is key, if you, and your family are going to be traveling for an extended period of time, and if you have a good neighbor, the buddy system works, let them know that if any mail, or packages are left at your home while you’re gone on vacation, to retrieve it, and hold it until your family returns from being on vacation. It’s important to note that your Mail carrier isn’t a mind reader, so they don’t always know when you go out of town, if you can request a PS Form 8076, which is an authorization to hold mail form, and fill out the form in detail, and leave it on your mailbox for the carrier to retrieve, or take it to your local Post Office so that they can give the form to the Mail carrier, who delivers your mail to notify them to hold your mail, and packages, because you, and your family will be out of town during the week of October 1-18, 2020, and your families mail, and packages will be held during that time frame. There are two options that the customer has, you can request that all accumulated mail, and packages be delivered to your home upon your return, or you can request that you will go to your local Post Office to retrieve all accumulated mail, and packages upon your return.
The 1-800-ASK-USPS option allows you to electronically hold your mail, but the thing to note is that your Letter Carrier doesn’t have access to print out the PS Form 8076, a Manager, or Supervisor, must print out the form to give to a Mail Carrier, so if the Mail Carrier doesn’t receive the PS Form 8076, they will assume that you’re still at home, and will leave mail, and packages at your home, so one of the best things to do is to ask your Letter Carrier for some of the PS Form 8076’s to have on hand whenever you decide to go on vacation. Communicate with your neighbor, let them know that you will be out of town, and offer to retrieve their mail, and packages, as well in the event that items are being piled up on their porch as well in the event that they’re on vacation. Porch Pirates look for clues that you might be out of town, and mail, and packages piling up on your porch could give them clues that your family might be out of town on vacation, so this is why communication is so important, while your out of town, you can sleep better knowing that your mail, and packages are being held by your Letter Carrier, and your backup plan with your neighbor is in effect if your Letter Carrier doesn’t receive the PS Form 8076. Going on vacation, mail, and packages. More than just a blog!