Taking care of a loved ones mail, and packages in the event of death.

Taking care of a loved ones mail, and packages in the event of death. With the recent pandemic of COVID-19 around the world there have been several unexpected deaths around the world. This pandemic doesn’t have an age limit, so it’s always better to plan ahead instead of waiting on the last minute to react to an unexpected death due to the coronavirus. What should you do if you lose a loved you due to this pandemic? One of the first things that you should do is to put in a forwarding order through the United States Postal Service, so that their mail will not continue to go to a house, or apartment, condo, or nursing home that is no longer occupied by your relative. If they have a recurring shipment from a merchant, you will need to stop this as well, because the shipment will continue to come periodically every two weeks, or however often that they set up their plan with the vendor. It’s also important to cancel all credit cards, because if you don’t they will continue to come to the residence, and if someone gets their hands on a credit card offer that offers a joint card holder someone who is dishonest could easily forge the signature of the deceased family member, and will abuse, and max out the credit card in a matter of months. If the deceased has a power of attorney, they need to be aware that the change of address doesn’t happen automatically, they’ll have to fill out the change of address form to stop mail from coming to the address where the deceased previously resided, unless a family member is going to move into the residence, and agrees to give the mail to the power of attorney. One key thing that a relative can do is to take down the mailbox at the residence, and normally without a mailbox the residence will be deemed vacant, unless someone is at the residence, and tells the letter carrier that they plan on occupying the residence, and they have submitted a change of address to forward their mail to their new address. Taking care of a loved ones mail, and packages in the event of death. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!