Adding a suite number to your home to open up your business.

Adding a suite number to your home to open up your business. While the current pandemic seems to have no ending date in sight many people, as well as businesses have decided to operate, and allow their employees to work from home. Some people have cut down on the overhead of working out of an office suite, when they can cut out the middle-man, and work from home to eliminate the cost of overhead. Your home address that you currently live in is 2747 Firewood Ave., and for business purposes you decide to add suite 4545, because this was your former office suite number in the Sweetwater Towers that you moved your office from after the pandemic started. Soon you add the suite number to all of your business banking statements, and you order packages as well as groceries from Amazon with the same suite 4545 added onto to your home address, and after working from home for two years, an investor contacts you with an offer on your home that you, decide that you can’t refuse, so you decide to relocate from Trinity, Alabama to Lakeland, Florida, and you submit a change of address for 2747 Firewood Ave., but you leave out the suite 4545 for your home based business. Soon after making the move you realize that you’re not receiving your business mail, or none of your credit card statements. Why is this happening to you? The first step that you need to take is contacting your credit card merchants, and notify them that you have moved, and update all of your credit cards, and if you have drop shipments that come on a weekly basis, you need to go online to that particular page to update, and change your address, or items that you order on a weekly basis will be left at your old address on Firewood Ave., because UPS, FedEx, Amazon, might be unaware that you moved over three months ago, so the responsibility of fixing this address issue lays upon you, and one of the first steps before you actually move is removing the suite number from your home address, because the Postal Service will recognize the physical address, but adding a suite number to your home could cause issues that might affect you receiving mail, and packages once you decide to move. Adding a suite number to your home to open up your business. More than just a blog!