Why numbers should always matter at your address.

Why numbers should always matter at your address. The answer is quite simple, just like an internet protocol address, your address where you live should always matter, it helps to identify where you live, so covering up numbers to hide where you live, can cost you dearly when you order food to be delivered late at night when you don’t want to cook, and the delivery driver from Uber Eats is walking from sidewalk to sidewalk trying to find out which duplex is the one that you actually live in, the owner has removed all of the numbers off of the property, and the numbers that were once painted on the curve have faded, so out of frustration the driver leaves your $25 order of Chinese food at the front door of the duplex that should be labeled as 2777 Blackberry Dr. #A, when the order of Chinese food, should have actually been delivered in the back at 2777 Blackberry Dr. #C, so after calling to complain about the order not being received the customer has another order delivered one hour later that the company is redelivering as a courtesy, but when the driver pulls up for delivery this time, the resident has to meet the driver outside to receive the delivery of the food. Numbers should always matter at your address in the event that there is an emergency, and medical staff have been sent out to provide CPR to a customer who has difficulty breathing, so having an ambulance drive past your address could actually cost someone their life because in an emergency every second counts, so reflective numbers on your curb to identify your address could make a difference between 1 minute, and 5 minutes. Some residents decide to give their home an extreme home makeover, and they change the color of their home, and remove the numbers from their home, and never put them back on to the house, just think about why your package, or medication could be misdelivered, if your neighbor doesn’t have numbers on their house as well, delivery drivers will take a chance and leave the package at the house that they think is possibly yours by looking at the house across the street, but numbers don’t always match up like one would think that they should. Paint your curb, put reflective numbers on your house, or have a sign in your yard to help identify your house, this can save the owner the heartache of dealing with a misdelivered package, or food that you ordered for dinner tonight, that was left next door at your neighbors house. Why numbers should always matter at your address. More than just a blog!