Will it come back to me?

The boomerang, will it come back to me? If I throw the boomerang will it come back to me, is our mail the same way? If you send a letter to a resident who has moved, and has been gone for over one year, and you properly put your return address on the envelope, then yes your letter, or package should come back to you, and the item should be addressed properly as to why it came back to you, such as, F.O.E., which means that the forwarding order is expired, this means that the individual, or family submitted a change of address over one year ago, but their forwarding order is no longer good, A.N.K., means attempted not know, the individual, or family didn’t submit a change of address, they simply moved, and left without filling out a form to notify, merchants, or anyone else that they have moved, so all mail that is sent to the individual, or family will be returned to the sender.

This is why it’s so important to put a return address on your envelope, or package, because people don’t keep in touch the way that they did in the past, the internet, and email has changed this. People still like to be surprised, and sending a card, or birthday gift through the mail is still alive, and well in the digital age, but the process of moving is forever evolving, and when someone sends an item from New York to California, to a friend, or relative whom they haven’t communicated with in over 5 years, you’re rolling the dice that they’re still there at that particular location, or they could have moved over 4 years prior, that’s why it’s important to put a return address to whatever you send, it’s your mail, we want you to have it! Here at www.iwantmymail.com you can store your information in a secure environment, and update, and make changes whenever you move, no matter where you are in the world, we’ve got you covered!