Rolling the dice…

Rolling the dice is something that people don’t need to go to Las Vegas to necessarily do. When it comes to moving you really shouldn’t gamble on your logistics worker being able to figure out that you moved two streets over from where you previously lived over 2 years ago, and your still ordering items online, and you’re wondering why you aren’t receiving them. Could it be that you misspelled your name incorrectly, you misspelled the street that you lived on, you have gotten married, and you no longer are using your maiden name? These are just a few of the things that could delay your package, or your mail. You decide to let a relative who is moving from out of state, or a friend in the same situation move into your home, or apartment, but you forget to update your information inside of your mailbox, which states, Jones family only, and your first cousin happens to have a different last name, so guess what will more than likely happen, anything for your cousin with the last name O’Neal will be returned unless you update your information inside of your mailbox, or you talk to your logistics personnel to tell them of the change, but what if they go on vacation for two weeks, and they don’t relay the message to the person who is covering their route while they’re gone? These are factors that can happen when you roll the dice.

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