It’s your business, we’re here to help!

It’s amazing how much some business’ move within an office building, only to move into another suite two floors down, and etc. It happens very often that a business will call to complain about not getting their mail, or packages in their new mailbox, when they haven’t made an effort to change their address, or even notify the proper logistics companies with the information that could assist them, for example, Greenwell Oil Company has moved from Suite 350 to Suite 750 within the business tower, and Greenwell Oil Company has failed to inform logistics personnel that they had moved over one month ago, and they’re starting to look for oil checks, and investor checks as well, so now you have a problem with the box being filled with mail, and after 10 calendar days all of the mail for Greenwell Oil Company will be returned to the sender. Notifying delivery personnel is crucial because they can often fix the problem, but with the added boom of e-commerce individuals will continue to order items off of the internet, and have the items sent to their job, but if the individual has moved, and they haven’t changed their business address to their new home address then the items will be returned to the sender. The responsibility of taking care of your business relies on you, and your business corporation, who must follow protocol, and fill out the information that is needed by the Postal Service to forward your mail.

If you’re a business, you can register on www.iwantmymail.com for free to serve as a backup to your change-of-address with the Postal Service, in the event that it’s been over one year that you moved, and after that one year you will not receive anymore mail for your previous address, but with our feature you can change your information anytime, anywhere in the world, and after one year your information will remain on the site, until you decide to update your account, this applies for business, residential, military, family, individual, and etc., it’s your business, we’re here to help!