Think twice before putting a suite number on your home based business.

Think twice before putting a suite number on your home based business. Sounds cliché, but there are reasons why this can become a problem if you decide to move from the house that you’re currently renting from. Adding a suite number in most regards will solidify you, and your consumers who buy products from your home based business that you actually own a business suite at 11743 Goodfellow Dr., Suite 124 Jackson, New Hampshire 03846, when the address is actually a single family home that you have been renting for the past 10 years. Your landlord, who is the owner of the residence that your currently renting has decided to increase your rent by $500 per month, so you have decided that the price is too high, and you will terminate your lease when your contract ends in 90 days. You have family in Boston, Massachusetts, as well as New York, New York, and Tampa, Florida as well, but you haven’t decided which city will be your final destination until you find a property to buy. You complete your research, and Tampa, Florida is your choice. So you fill out the change of address card, and you put your name, and address, but you also include Suite 124 on the form, it has been one month since you moved, and you haven’t been receiving any of your mail, and your customers in Milan, Italy, Paris, France, and London, England are complaining that they have sent you checks for dresses that you have promised to send to them for the upcoming fashion week in London, England. Is there a solution to fix this problem?
There is a solution, first the individual needs to fill out a change of address with the Postal Service, and check the box entire family, just in case you might receive something in your middle name, leave off of the suite number, 11743 Goodfellow Dr., is the number that the Postal Service identifies with, do a mass email to your clients to let them know that you have moved, and give them your new address, call your credit card companies and inform them that you have moved, and update your address, and if you receive drop shipments contact the vendor who sends you the items that you receive on a monthly basis to let them know that you have a new residence. Fill out a change of address with your business name, this should always be separate from your individual, or entire family change of address form. Think twice before putting a suite number on your home based business.