Using your first name on a package.

Using your first name on a package is like rolling the dice, especially if you live in an apartment complex.  Let’s say that your on vacation, and you decide to order a package online through amazon.com, and you enter your first name, Jeff, and the address that you enter is 14370 Pickle Valley Way, but you forget to enter your apartment number, and you confirm your order by hitting the submit button, and the package has a two day delivery window that states that Amazon should be delivering your package in two days to your apartment complex.  The very next day you arrive back into town, and you wait for the arrival of your package, and you receive a message stating that your package has been delayed, because your address is undeliverable.  You wonder why this has happened, and the answer is quite simple.

1. You only entered your first name, no last name, and at the new luxury apartment complex, where you reside at  has 25 individuals with the first name of Jeff, so who is Amazon going to deliver the package to, when there are so many people with the first name of Jeff living at this new luxury apartment complex.

2. When you live in an apartment complex, it’s always important to put your apartment number on your package, when you order items online, because if delivery merchants have to play the guessing game, then more than likely your package will be returned to the sender.

3. Putting your last name inside of your mailbox, can be a lifesaver for you if you order a package with no apartment number, then sometimes your mail carrier can figure out where you live, by having your name in your mailbox, the regular carrier might know, but someone covering the route when the regular carrier is on vacation, might be unfamiliar with the residents who live at the apartment complex.

4.  Relatives don’t always keep in touch, and people will address packages with names like, Uncle Mike, Aunt Shirley, Grandma Emma, Grandpa Roy, and unfortunately these names will not be able to get a package forwarded if you don’t include a last name, and it hasn’t been more than a year since they moved.

Using your first name on a package, should always include a last name, unless one likes to gamble on the package being returned to the sender.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!