Having packages sent to your job, a good idea, or a bad idea?

Having packages sent to your job, a good idea, or a bad idea?   With porch piracy being on the rise, and consumers continuing to shop more from their smart devices, and actually sending the package to their places of employment is actually really a good idea.  Why is this such a good idea?  Well this is actually your place of employment, normally you work there for an average of 5 days a week, and normally 40 hours a week, so normally during your business hours most delivery merchants will deliver your packages during office hours, however, if your delivery merchant is short-staffed, it could be possible that the delivery of mail, and packages, could occur when the office has closed for the day, and you might have to wait until the next day to receive your package, versus having the package mailed to your home, and when you arrive, hopefully it’s hidden in secure area, that porch pirates can’t see from the street.  Some offices are closed on the weekends, and so weather could also play a factor in your package arriving on time, or being delayed possibly by up to 3-5 days, depending on how bad the weather is, or it could be coming from a foreign country.

Why would leaving a package at a business be a bad idea?  If the office is closed, no packages should be left outside of the facility, but if the package has leave in the event that no one is available, or package doesn’t require a signature, leave at the address.  At this point the delivery driver should use common sense, knowing that if you leave a package unattended at a business, then more than likely there will be potential theft, even with a camera being present, because porch pirates, and potential criminals are still using masks to hide, and shield their identities.

What can help a business to prevent package theft?  Have a sign that says, don’t leave packages if office is closed, and make sure that it’s visible, so that delivery drivers can actually see the sign.  Having a camera is always a good idea to have, often porch pirates don’t want to deal with the potential of being caught by a doorbell camera.  It’s always good to have lighting as well, because porch pirates don’t want to be seen attempting to steal a package, or the contents inside of the package.  If the neighboring business has an agreement with the office that is closed, the delivery driver can leave the package in the business next door.  Having packages sent to your job, a good idea, or a bad idea.  More than just a blog!