The W-2 form, and the moving business.

The W-2 form, and the moving business. Some businesses stay in business for a long time, while others decide that they’re not making a profit from having their business open, so they decide to close the doors to their business, this can happen in less than 30 days in some cases, either way, you have employees that work for you, and they have deductions taken from their check, and at the end of the year, they wait like other individuals to receive their copy of their W-2 form in the mail so that they can take to their tax preparer to file their taxes before the April 15 deadline, unless you file for an extension with the I.R.S., to avoid getting penalized for being late on your taxes. If you decide to close your business, it’s the responsibility of the owner to have a good change of address on file in the event that they decide to close their business, and your employees might have a question regarding their taxes, and W-2 form, in the event that you might need to be reached. If you the owner decides to mail out the W-2 forms before the January 31 deadline, it’s important to use an updated address instead of your old address where your restaurant was located, because in the event that your mail is returned to the sender, the mail would go to the new occupant of the building instead of you, and now your former employees are caught in a dilemma with not receiving a W-2 form, and you as well because you put down the former address where your business was located, but you never submitted a change of address when you canceled your lease. If you ordered items through auto-shipment, it’s also important to change this as well, because your packages will continue to go to your former business address. The W-2 form, and the moving business. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!