The package doesn’t belong to my address!

The package doesn’t belong to my address! How often does this happen? It probably happens everyday of the week, you go on the internet on your smartphone, and order an item that you have been waiting for to go on sale, you click on the item, and enter your address credentials, along with your credit card credentials, and you receive confirmation that you order is being processed. Most courier services will send you confirmation that they have been assigned with delivering your item, and you track the item when you receive the notification that the item is out for delivery, and that it’s on the truck with the courier service. You got out shopping, and then your cellphone is pinged, notifying you that your item has been delivered to your address, so you leave the store headed home, to find out that the package that has been left outside of your home, doesn’t belong to you, so you call the vendor to ask, where is my package? The vendor attempts to calm you down, and normally will look up the item to find out where the package was left, most delivery services have GPS technology, and if the driver is still in the area, and if the customer is honest where the item was left, then normally the driver will attempt to retrieve the item, and deliver it to the correct address, in the case of Amazon, they will normally tell the customer that they will resend the item out the very next day to avoid the hassle of going back to the location where the package was misdelivered. What happens if you receive a package that doesn’t belong to you? Find out who the delivery courier was, because if the Postal Service didn’t deliver the item, then normally the Postal Service will not pick up an item that was misdelivered by a FedEx, UPS, DHL, or an Amazon driver, and etc., you have to call the company that delivered the item. Normally you can go online to the delivery merchants website, and you can send an email in regards to a package that was misdelivered, and the steps to follow for the delivery service to retrieve the item that was misdelivered, or you can call the 800 number of the delivery service as well if you don’t prefer sending an email. The package doesn’t belong to my address! www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!