The parcel locker key, the key to retrieving your packages.

The parcel locker key, the key to retrieving your packages. Living in luxury apartments has changed over the years, now luxury apartments have their very own fitness centers, swimming pools, they’re equipped with jacuzzi’s, and business center’s and conceirge’s, who might handle your laundry while your away on a business trip, but one thing that will almost always be in apartments are parcel locker boxes, where the letter carrier will put your packages in the event that they will not fit into your mailbox. What is a parcel locker key? It’s a key that identifies where your package is located in a box inside of your mailroom. So if your mailbox contains a key with the number P9 located on it, all that you simply have to do is go to the parcel locker box that has the number P9 on it, and insert the key, which will stay in the box, and turn the key, and the box is open for you to retrieve your package. What if I receive an alert for package left in a parcel locker? All you simply have to do is open up your mailbox, and retrieve your mail, and the parcel locker key should be inside of your box for you to retrieve your package. What if there are two parcel locker keys in my box? Chances are that you have two packages that were left on separate days, or only one package can fit in the first parcel locker, that’s why you have two keys inside of your mailbox, or you didn’t check your box when the first parcel locker key was left in your box. I have received a package that doesn’t belong to me, the former resident has moved, what do I do? Take the package to the front office, and they will give the package to the Letter Carrier marked with no longer here. Things that can help this from happening, put your name inside of your mailbox, and if you have a spouse have them to also put their maiden name inside of the mailbox as well, just incase something might come in your spouses maiden name. Check your mail often, and don’t let weeks go by without checking, because there could be a parcel locker key in your box, the key to retrieving your packages. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!