Bad weather, packages, and mail.

Bad weather, packages, and mail. These things seem to go hand in hand, if there’s bad weather, depending on where your package is coming from your package, or mail could be delayed. Why is this important? Well you order an item, and the item is shipped through the Postal Service, but flights have been delayed in New York, where your item has been shipped from, chances are you will not receive the item in the two day shipping period that you paid extra for when you purchased the item that your waiting for to arrive at your home. The tracking information says that the package is scheduled to be delivered on time? Chances are the website hasn’t been updated since your package was ordered, and employees haven’t been to work since there was a severe ice storm that has shut down the plant where employees work. My bills will be late if the plant is shut down, will I be billed a late charge? Most credit card companies will normally give you a grace period, especially if weather is a factor, and you have a good history of paying your bills on time. Online payments work just as well as sending in a bill if you feel that you might be late, and you don’t want it to affect your credit score especially if your trying to buy a new home, or a new automobile. What should I do if I haven’t received my stimulus check? The last time that you received your payment, was it deposited to your bank account, or did you receive a check in the mail? If you have moved since you received your last stimulus check, it’s imperative that you submit a change of address through the Postal Service, because if you have moved over 10 days ago, your check could be returned to the sender. Bad weather, packages, and mail go hand in hand, if your waiting for a package, and you haven’t received it check the weather of the sender, this could be the answer to why you haven’t received your package, or your mail. If flights are canceled at airports, your mail, and packages could be delayed as well. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!