Taking your name out of your mailbox, rolling the dice!

Taking your name out of your mailbox, rolling the dice! Sounds crazy, but people actually do it on a daily basis. You just moved into a new apartment complex, and your Postal Carrier has put a note above your mailboxes, to put your name, and apartment number inside of your mailbox. This is used to help the Postal Carrier to be able to identify you in the event that a package comes to your address with your apartment number on it, or it could be that income tax check that you’re desperately waiting on to cash to help with your bills, and also your shopping needs. If the Postal Carrier figures out that you’re a new resident, and they see a yellow sticker which is an indicator that you’re new to the apartment complex, then normally they will peel the sticker off of the mail, and will apply it to your mailbox to let other Mail carriers know that you happen to be a new resident.

Some reasons why people take their names out of their mailboxes could be to avoid a crazy ex, so you want your privacy, another reason would be to avoid those child support letters that come on a monthly basis if you’re not paying your child support on time. Bill collectors also play a factor, if they don’t know where you live then how can they send you a bill. It gets real when you’re waiting on your income tax check, but the I.R.S. doesn’t know how to reach you because your address is insufficient, so that $10,000 refund that you have waited so desperately for will more than likely will be returned to the sender. You rush to the post office to attempt to see if the Postal carrier still has the letter in their possession only to find out that the letter was returned over 1 week ago. These are examples of what happens when you take you name out of your mailbox.