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The customer can no longer be fooled!

The customer can no longer be fooled! What exactly does this mean? Customers can track packages to their exact location, they know when the package arrived, and how long it has been sitting on your dock, and they also know when the package is expected to be delivered, so if the package isn’t delivered, or if it isn’t out for delivery the day that it’s supposed to delivered, they will find the Letter Carrier, UPS driver, FedEx driver, Amazon driver, DHL driver, and etc., and they will show you the delivery details from the merchant where they ordered the product.

Why is this vehicle following my truck? It could be because they need the package for a college project that is due on Monday, and the package was supposed to be delivered on Thursday, and now it’s Saturday so the customer has been calling since Thursday because they know that the package has been sitting on your dock since Wednesday, and they deserve to know when their package will be delivered, it could be formula for a newborn baby, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the customer has paid for a service, and the logistics provider needs to deliver what the customer has paid for.

The days of telling the customer it hasn’t come in yet, or we don’t have the item at our office yet, has gotten old, technology, smart phones, block chain technology, and the ability for merchants to provide more customer friendly technology to track packages from when it leaves their warehouse to be put on the driver’s truck to the delivery to your front door is only going to continue to get better, and whoever consistently provides the better service amongst logistics providers will continue to grow their business, and provide the service that customers want, and that’s getting their product, on the correct date, and expected time of delivery that the merchant published on their website.