“Carrier, leave the package if noone is present, can be deceiving!”

“Carrier, leave the package if no one is present, can be deceiving! What if it’s Saturday, and the business is closed until Monday, and the area that the business is located at has foot traffic in excess of 100,000 people on every given weekend? Would you want your carrier, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon driver, and etc., to leave your box of items that you ordered from Louis Vuitton left on a doorstep of your business over the weekend, hoping that no one will look at the box to read the designer name located on the box? If a business orders items, they should automatically contact the merchant, and let them know that there aren’t any weekend deliveries because the office is closed on weekends, some people have started to order items online to have them sent to their place of employment, which has it’s good, and bad points, in that during the week, the package can be left with the receptionist in the event that the item requires a signature, then you will have to sign for your item, unless you give the receptionist authorization to sign for your package, the bad point would be that on the weekend your office is closed, so you will have to wait until Monday to receive your item from the delivery merchant, unless they leave a notice at your office for you to schedule a redelivery, or you can go to the merchant’s location to retrieve your item.
If you live in a neighborhood where porch piracy is a problem, you might want to use the buddy system with your neighbors in the event that you might be out of town for the week to retrieve any packages that are left on your porch, because if a porch pirate sees the same packages piled on a porch from the previous day, then they will scope out the area to see if they can steal your packages in the event that you don’t have a security camera on your porch to track activity from the porch to the street curb of the residence. “Carrier, leave the package if no one is present, can be deceiving!” Use common sense, and take care of your customers! www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!