Why is my relative’s package being returned to the sender?

Why is my relative’s package being returned to the sender? This happens a lot more than one really seems to think that it happens. You have a relative coming to visit you for two weeks, inside of your mailbox you have a label that says, only Johnson & Smith, which means that only the names of Johnson & Smith are to receive mail, or packages at this address, and your spouse has a cousin who comes to visit your home for two weeks of vacation, and their last name is Thompson. If you don’t communicate with your Letter Carrier to inform them that someone is coming to visit, and is expecting a package then the item can be easily be returned to the sender because the last name Thompson isn’t listed in your mailbox as being a resident at your address.

If you’re going to visit a relative out-of-town, and order something on your Amazon, Ebay, or any other type of E-commerce account it’s important that you change your order details once you have returned from your visit, or the items that you order will continue to be shipped to the address that you last entered on your order form, remember the system doesn’t know that your going to be out-of-town for two weeks, but by signing up and using the special instructions tab on www.iwantmymail.com you can accomplish this to alert vendors, and merchants that you will only be receiving items at this address temporarily for two weeks, then after the two weeks have passed, you can update your account for the items to be shipped back to your home of record.

Remember when ordering items to always double-check to make sure that your address is correct, because you can easily hit the wrong key on the keyboard, and the 7 that you meant to type could easily be an 6, or 8. www.iwantmymail.com