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The race for Luxer One boxes, between delivery merchants.

The race for Luxer One boxes, between delivery merchants. Some might say that this sounds cliche, but the USPS, FedEx, UPS, Amazon, DHL, and any other delivery merchant all try to make it to apartment complexes first to be able to use Luxer One boxes to deliver packages to residents in apartment complexes, and luxury condos, the reason for this is the convenience of not having to walk packages up to individual doors, and the ability to scan the package, and for the customer to receive an email that the package is at their residence cuts out the ability for a porch pirate to steal a package that could have been left at your door. With the recent events of COVID-19, people are beginning to stay at home, and order more items off of the internet, and with Luxer One boxes, they cut out the need of leaving a package at the apartment office, because if a resident is traveling out of town, there could be a cluster of packages left in the office, and the Luxer One box eliminates this, but if the resident doesn’t pickup their package in a timely manner, there could be a shortage of boxes. One solution to create more Luxer One boxes would be to designate boxes individually between the delivery companies, but apartment complexes might not have the room, and they might not want to pay the price for separate boxes between delivery merchants, but as the COVID-19 pandemic continues there very well could be a need to add additional Luxer One boxes to apartment locations, because online shopping will continue to grow, and people feel more secure having an item left in a box that is secure, and that they can retrieve when they return to their home without having to wonder about a porch pirate walking up to their residence, and stealing your package. The way that the Luxer One boxes works between delivery merchants is, the first one at the box has access to all of the lockers, so it might not seem fair to a delivery merchant when their counterpart has put 35 small packages in medium sized lockers because they don’t want to deliver the smaller items to the residents door, versus the other delivery merchant needing 15 medium sized lockers that are no longer available because they didn’t get to the location first. The early delivery gets the locker, as they say, no pun intended for the worm. The race for Luxer One boxes, between delivery merchants. More than just a blog!