Moving to a new address, make sure that you know where you’re moving to!

Moving to a new address, make sure that you know where you’re moving to! Sounds crazy, but a simple mistake such as the wrong letter in your address, or not printing your name legibly can cause nightmares when you’re trying to receive your income tax check, or Amazon package that you ordered last week, that still hasn’t arrived to your new home, condo, or apartment, and etc. The address 6038 Simpson Ave., isn’t the same as 6803 Simpson Ave., a mistake like this can send your package to a different zip code, which will more than likely get your package returned, or after a week of being held at the post office, someone will realize that it probably was sent to the wrong zip code, but in the case of Amazon, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other logistical merchants the item will more than likely get returned to Amazon, factor in Uber drivers who are delivering Amazon packages, and you have a major problem.

When moving to a new address, and you receive notification from the Postal Service that your change of address has been accepted, open the packet, don’t just throw it in the trash, because you might realize that your name was spelled wrong, or the street address where you might have moved to could possibly be the house across the street, and your new neighbor not knowing who you are could return your mail to the sender, so verify, and update all of your accounts to ensure that you will receive all of your mail, packages, and anything else that you might order that comes to your address on a recurring basis. Remember, 5808 Pinebluff Ave., isn’t the same address as 5008 Pinebluff Street, they could both be in the same city, but in different zip codes, remember it’s a number’s game, stay on top, and stay ahead of the game.