As a human living in the Digital Technology Age, we all have options. At the choices that you have are unlimited. How inconvenient is it to receive mail, or packages from someone who no longer lives at your residence that you currently reside at. With the past and present residents tab you can enter the last name of the previous resident, and enter your information as being the current resident to stop mail from coming to your home, apartment, military facility, where you currently reside at. If you move, you control your moving situation, you simply enter your information on the registration page, if you make a mistake, such as the spelling of your name, which can affect your mail, or even leaving off one digit to your previous address, or simply misspelling the street on which you formally lived can all have a lasting affect on you, or a family member on receiving their mail, or packages in a timely manner. If you make a mistake, on the website, you can simply log back into your account securely, and correct your mistake, let’s face it human error occurs, and why should you have to wait one week, or sometimes even longer to correct a mistake, that shouldn’t take less than one minute to correct, and by giving the power to the user, you are in a win-win situation. The Special Instructions tab lets you enter information such as having a disability that might require you more time to reach the door, so the logistics carrier will wait for you to reach the door, or if you have young sleeping children, you fill out the special instructions form to let the logistics company know not to ring your doorbell, or if your a military member and your out to sea to let merchants know that you might want your recurring shipping to stop until you return to your duty station. Whatever your case might be here at you have options!