Taking a closer look at your mail, can save you time, and money.

Taking a closer look at your mail, can save you time, and money. Stimulus payments are coming in the form of a white envelope, that doesn’t have Department of the Treasury on the outside of the envelope, so when most people see this, they automatically assume that when they feel the envelope, and feel a card inside of the envelope that it could be another credit card offer that they’re not interested in entertaining at the moment, you think that your stimulus check is coming in the form of a paper check since you didn’t file with direct deposit when you filed for your income tax return, or if you had to pay back the federal government, or the I.R.S., in taxes you simply wrote a check to pay off the amount that was owed to the I.R.S., so while waiting for that check to arrive for your stimulus deposit, you get the white envelope in the mail, that without hesitation you decide to cut up the card thinking that it’s just another credit card offer, when as a matter of fact, you just cut up the debt card that the Department of Treasury is sending to millions of Americans through the mail to activate, and use the debit card as a pre-paid deposit for you if your single, and also a joint card if your married. What can be done to improve the process, like social security checks, or retirement checks the mail should be appropriately labeled so that people will not think that the mail is junk mail, but the mail is coming in a first class envelope, but people don’t always look at this when they decide to open up their mail, if it’s labeled, Department of Treasury debit card, or stimulus debit card enclosed then people will not be so judgmental to throw away a debit card that could provide some type of financial help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking a closer look at your mail, can save you time, and money. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!