Parcel lockers for your home, and the security of your packages.

Parcel lockers for your home, and the security of your packages. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to transform lives across the world, porch piracy has continued to rise with a lot of families, and individuals who are shopping online instead of going into the brick and mortar stores to practice social distancing, and not having to deal with human contact, and the possibility of being exposed to the coronavirus. Porch pirates have caught on to the trend, and are beginning to follow delivery vehicles to wait for the opportunity for the USPS carrier, UPS driver, FedEX driver, DHL, and Amazon driver, and etc., to leave a package on a porch, and after there is no response, and no camera in sight to track their activity, they simply walk up, and steal the package, and head to the next house, or apartment, or business to see if they can accomplish the same thing, without being caught. To counter porch piracy some residents are turning to parcel lockers that the delivery driver, or mail carrier is given a code by the resident to unlock the parcel locker to place the parcel inside to protect the package from porch piracy. If the code is entered wrong, an alarm is sounded off by the parcel locker, in particular the craftsmen parcel locker, once the correct code is entered the lid will pop up, and you place the parcel in the locker, and close the lid, and the parcel locker is locked, and can only be opened once the owner enters the correct code to retrieve the parcel. The problem with this is that every delivery driver doesn’t have the code, and all parcels aren’t the same size, some items are bigger, and bulkier, so a bigger parcel locker could be required if you’re looking to secure all of your packages, but porch pirates don’t like carrying large items around especially if they don’t belong in the neighborhood, and since the pandemic has been in place since March, more people are at home, and more people are walking, and exercising in their neighborhoods. One of the companies helping residents, and businesses in the fight against porch piracy is They specialize in parcel lockers for your home, and business. Parcel lockers for your home, and the security of your packages. More than just a blog!