Numbers, and names make a difference…

Numbers, and names are two of the most important things that can have an effect on if you receive your mail, or if it will be returned to the sender. What do I mean by numbers? Numbers are in your address the difference between 10355 Charleston Dr., versus 10395 Charleston Dr., can mean that one number can cause your mail to be returned to the sender, normally if your Mailman knows your name, then there’s a chance that they can catch the error, and you will receive your mail, or package, but you might not have the same luck with your FedEx, UPS, DHL, Amazon, or other logistical providers because they normally go by the address to deliver a package, and not a name, the only exception being that if you order something on a regular basis, and the same driver from these logistical companies becomes familiar with your name, and they can catch the mistake before the item is delivered, or is returned to the sender because there is no 10395 Charleston Dr., so human error plays a factor in this process, sometimes a simple keying error on the keyboard can cause this, or hitting the wrong button on your smart phone as well.

Sometimes some individuals will order an item, and forget to update their online account with the information needed to let logistical companies know that you have moved, and they order an item as John, and they live out their last name, which is Jones, and a letter is left out of the address, and you have moved, chances are that your item will be returned because there is insufficient information, or data, and this will have a effect on you receiving your item that you have been waiting on so desperately to receive, it can be anything from a passport, a college transcript, and etc., the point is that you want the item, and your logistical provider wants you to have the item as well.