Leaving the wrong way can cause problems!

Leaving the wrong way can cause problems, sounds out of place doesn’t it, but a bad break-up in a relationship can often lead to bad decisions being made by one, or both parties. You decide that you need a change of scenery, and you decide to move out, and you have forgotten that one month prior to the breakup, that you signed a one year lease, and your ex-spouse, or ex-girlfriend receives a credit-card offer in your name, and your ex signs up as a joint card holder, and decides to pay the rent for the next year. There are steps to prevent this from happening such as locking your credit, and checking your accounts for suspicious activity. Change your address with the Postal Service, and update your Ebay account, as well as any other card that you might possess. If you decide to move out, don’t leave behind any mail with your name on it, or any credit card offers, because there just might be an offer that might offer a joint card user, and if this is an option, and your ex is seeking revenge on you, then they can charge, and max out a credit card, that you might not even know that exists until your credit has been ruined when you attempt to buy another car, or house, and the organization runs a credit check on you, and boom, you’re hit with the surprise, and your name has been sent into the credit bureau for a default in payment of $10,000 that has been put in your name.

Changing your address isn’t hard at all, and it can help you prevent a lot of headaches and heartache, if you have any accounts that you regularly order items from it’s important to note that updating these accounts can also save you time, and money. Leave the right way, take care of your business, both business, and personal.