Stimulus checks, social distancing, your mail, and packages.

Stimulus checks, social distancing, your mail, and packages. The world has truly changed with the way that business is conducted on a global scale, social distancing is now the new norm. Going to a mail room to pickup your mail is no longer the same, because we must adhere to social distancing standards when going to a mail room to pick up our mail, and a mask is also appreciated by a letter carrier to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, so don’t be surprised if you go to the mail room to check your mail, and the letter carrier has the mail room taped off with a sign that says social distancing maintain six feet of distancing. The stimulus checks that the Trump Administration has put into effect are now hitting bank accounts, and mailboxes around the country, and having a good change of address on file, and your name inside of your mailbox can really make a difference between you receiving your stimulus check, or not having a good name inside of your mailbox can cause your stimulus check to get returned to the U.S. Treasury Department, so as a resident you have to take the responsibility to put your last name, and if your a married woman, your maiden name could make a difference as well inside of your mailbox, because if your married name is Jennings, and you have Jennings only inside of your mailbox, and your maiden name was White, and a stimulus check comes in the name of Betty White, instead of Betty Jennings, then your mail carrier could return the check, because they’re following the names inside of the box as saying, Jennings only, the same can be applied to having a relative visit your home for the summer, and they decide to order items online, when your last name is Smith, and their last name is Stokes, so update names inside of your box, or your items could be returned to the sender unless you communicate with your letter carrier, but sometimes your letter carrier goes on vacation, and their replacement might not be aware that a relative with a different last name is staying at your home for the summer. Regarding stimulus checks, times are difficult for a lot of people, but if your letter carrier tells you that they don’t have your stimulus check, then you will have to wait until it comes, unless you switch over to direct deposit, which is the most easiest way to ensure that your money is in your bank. Stimulus checks, social distancing, your mail, and your packages. More than just a blog!