A package left out in the open is a porch pirate’s dream!

A package left out in the open is a porch pirate’s dream! It’s always amazing to see a package that is left out in the open for anyone that is walking by, or driving by to be able to see. Everyone doesn’t have integrity, and during this pandemic of COVID-19 people are desperate, and looking for an opportunity to steal something like a package that a delivery driver refused to take a couple of extra steps to walk up on the porch to hide the package from the view of the street, and potential porch pirates. So if a package is left out in the middle of an individual’s front yard, or walkway, chances are great that the delivery merchant didn’t bother to walk up on the porch to notify the resident that a delivery of a package has been made. Amazon, hires a lot of contractors to deliver their packages, so sometimes people will see them, and will be reluctant to come to the door when they’re attempting to deliver a package, and if you decide to wait for 15 minutes for them to leave before you come to your door to retrieve your package, a porch pirate could be gone with your item within 15 seconds of the delivery, especially if they don’t see a camera that could record them during their activities of porch pirating, and you the resident are left wondering what happened to the item that you ordered that a confirmation email with a photo stated that the item was left at your residence in the last 20 minutes. Going the extra few steps can make a difference for a customer, who works and spends their hard-earned money to order packages that they expect to be delivered in a professional manner, hiding a package behind a barrier is better than leaving a package in the front of a customers steps that everyone can physically see from the street. A package left out in the open is a porch pirate’s dream! More than just a blog!