Past and Present residents, the holiday season is upon us!

Past and present residents, the holiday season is upon us, and during this time people are beginning to shop more, and prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and also sending out greeting cards around the world to family, and friends. There’s one problem, people don’t keep in touch the way that the used to, by picking up the phone to call, or simply writing a letter to a loved one, or a friend. We’re often disappointed when we send a gift, and we wait for a response from our friend, and then two weeks later we receive the return to the sender box, that we went out of our way to mail, to our cousin in Portland, Oregon, Matt Jones, who moved to California to start grad school over 14 months ago. Had both of you had been a member of www.iwantmymail.com you could have found out that Matt had moved, and you could have saved yourself shipping fees if you would have verified if your friend had moved. This applies to anyone especially anyone living in apartments because there’s such a high turnover ratio, so keeping your information up to date is very imperative, because you never know who might be searching for you, and even applying for a job, and getting the interview is also very crucial, because what if the future employer issued a letter of acceptance for the job that you applied for, and you decided to move without submitting a change of address, and after two weeks, your letter is returned to the sender, and you miss the job opportunity of your dreams. Tips for the holidays, mailing envelopes with color can attract letter thieves, because they think that all birthday cards that are labeled have money in them. Never send money, because if you do, and it’s stolen it’s hard to support your case. Here’s to a great week!