The art of the sidewalk, can make a difference…

The art of the sidewalk, can make a difference in receiving a delivery at your place of residence, or next door, or across the street where it doesn’t belong. It’s amazing that something so simple as painting the number of your address on the sidewalk can help a delivery driver from FedEx, UPS, USPS, Amazon, DHL, or any other logistical driver find out where to deliver your package, in the case of the USPS it could be your mail, an item important such as a check, or something that requires a signature that you have been waiting for. There are things that can help you such as having your numbers to your address on your house visible so that the delivery personnel can see where to deliver your package, if you see the driver walk out to the curb, normally that’s because you don’t have numbers on your house to identify your house, and normally in older neighborhoods, most sidewalks will have the address to the house, condo, duplex, and etc., painted on the sidewalk to identify where you currently are on the street. Street signs will let you know what block that you are, and in some private neighborhoods, or cities the odd versus the even side of the street doesn’t apply because both sides of the street have even numbers, and the numbers jump around so you really have to be careful in that case to prevent a misdelivery of your mail, or package by having your sidewalk painted with your address to make the delivery more simple for your Mailman, or Mailwoman, or your logistics driver who is trying to deliver your items that you ordered online that you have been waiting so patiently on. There are individuals who provide the service of painting your address on your sidewalk, but one would recommend paying them after the job is done. The art of the sidewalk, can make a difference!