Ordering items online, and sending them to your work address.

Ordering items online, and sending them to your work address. Since the boom of the online shopping epidemic has taken effect over the last 10 years, and with the emergence of porch pirates, walking up boldly to your address to steal your packages while you’re away from home, and possibly at home, ordering items online, and sending them to your work address has become a more safer alternative. Why would this be better than sending an item to your address? Well normally most businesses are going to get their deliveries early in the morning, and no later than 3p.m., because of working hours, and someone is usually at the receptionist area to receive items that are going to be delivered that may require a signature, so the item that you ordered will never be left outside, because a business normally requires a logistics company to come inside for the delivery, and with items costing a certain amount of money the shipper normally tracks the item as well, and they want to be able to see where the item was left during the delivery in the event that there is a dispute over an item being stolen, or not delivered. One of the most important things to note is if you auto-ship an item, and you have the item shipped to your place of employment, it’s your responsibility to call the merchant, and have the item shipped to your new address, or you log into the website, and change your address credentials, and update your account for yourself, this also includes your residential address, apartment address, condo address, and etc., because if your UPS, FedEx, Amazon, DHL driver, and etc., don’t know that you have moved, then they will continue to leave the item at your old address if you don’t fix the auto-shipment address. More than just a blog!