Online Shopping…

With the recent craze in ordering products online people are looking for more safer ways to secure receiving their items through logistics companies, like the USPS, Amazon, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and many more companies that are in the shipping and receiving industry.  One of the growing trends is to have an item shipped to your working location, which is really not a bad idea at all with the exception being if the business is closed on Saturdays, then you will have to wait until Monday to receive the item, another downfall is if you happen to quit your job, or change careers then you will have to change your information online, because if you don’t then the item will be returned to the sender, and it could take additional weeks for you to receive the item in the event that there is someone new working at your previous employer, and they forget to give the item to the logistical company when they come back into your business for a new delivery, the only exception would be the United States Postal Service, and they normally come on a daily basis to deliver mail to businesses, and residential customers.

The latest trend seems to be customers who have babysitters working for them, they’re now beginning to order items online to have them delivered to the location of the home that they work for, and this is fine, but does your letter carrier know that this individual is working out of your home, and you have given them authorization to order items to be shipped to your home?  The reason that this statement is being made is because some families have inside of their box, Johnson family only, no other names!  So this causes confusion when an individual by the name of Rodriguez receives an Amazon package at the address, and they’re not listed in the names of individuals who receive mail at the address.  The same trend happens at apartments, and condos when a friend order something online, and they have it shipped to their friends address who they happen to be staying with for two weeks, then they go back home, and forget to change their shipping address to their current address, this causes a problem, just an for your information post!