My Mailbox is on the ground will I receive my mail?

My mailbox is on the ground will I receive my mail? This is often a question that a customer might want to ask their Postal carrier. The answer really is at the discretion of your Postal Carrier because technically if a box is on the ground the Postal carrier doesn’t have to leave mail for your house, or if your mailbox is on the curb, and your mailbox is lying on the ground they don’t have to leave mail at your residence, because it’s unsecure, and unsafe, and to prevent theft of your mail, normally they will take the mail back to the station, and will hold it for you until you get your mailbox fixed, unless you verbally talk to them, and make progress to get the problem fixed.

In apartments having a unlocked box can also lead to you not receiving mail, because it’s unsecure, and you could have sensitive information such a credit card that could be stolen, and your identity could be compromised, also not having your name in your mailbox could make your Postal carrier assume that your residence is vacant. If someone is living with you, and you have different last names it’s important to have their name in the mailbox as well, as well your apartment number, because sometimes numbers don’t match in boxes, or go in order, so having your name, and apartment number can save you the hassle of not receiving your mail, as well as getting your correct mail in your mailbox.

If you live in a apartment complex where all of the boxes have been damaged, or broken into, it’s your apartment complexes responsibility to fix the boxes if they’re privately owned, so if there’s a problem with unsecure boxes, it’s recommended that the tenants should call the corporate office to fix the issue. Here’s to a great week!