Package theft, the doorbell, the delivery truck.

Package theft, the doorbell, the delivery truck. This is the reality that we live in now, we order a package online, we find out who our delivery merchant will be, and we track the package from when it leaves the warehouse all the way to when it hits the truck to be delivered to our location for delivery, and now it’s accurate to determine a window of time that the item will be delivered to our home. People seem to think that having a doorbell with a security feature that captures the audio, the time, will deter package thieves, and in most cases it does, but there are people who will wait for the delivery truck to leave your house, or apartment, who will casually walk up to your house, and will steal your item while your in your house watching television, while even pushing a baby in a stroller. This is the new reality in the digital world, and the scary thing is that it can be someone who lives in your neighborhood that you don’t even know. They don’t care what’s inside of the box, they didn’t pay for it, they simply think that they can come up with a luxury item, or something of value. If you know that your expecting an item, and your at home, and your doorbell is rung, normally your phone will receive a ping once the item is delivered by the driver as confirmation of your item being delivered, the best thing that you can do is to get off of your couch, and go to your door to retrieve your item, a thief will wait, and normally if the delivery driver drives off, and you don’t open up your door, they will assume that no one is at home, and they have an opportunity to steal your item. Package theft, the doorbell, the delivery truck, this is everyday life around the world. www.iwantmymail.com