Package safety…

With the holiday season being officially over, the new thing that seems to be taking place after all of the talk of packages being stolen off of porches is ordering packages, and having them sent to your job, or place of business, individuals at banks are doing it, babysitters who work out of individuals homes are doing it, and etc.  This is actually a very good, and safe idea, as long as the business doesn’t mind, or the family that you’re working for doesn’t mind having an employee ordering items that will be shipped to their address.  The problem that this can cause is what happens when an employee quits, or is terminated, and they don’t change their address information when they have transitioned to a new job, or they have relocated to another city, and they haven’t went into Ebay, PayPal, or any other merchant that they order items from online.  They move, and they submit a change of address from their home, but they don’t do it for their business that they worked at, and had their packages coming to, and no one knows where they have relocated to.  This is a serious problem, and they pay for an item that they will never receive, unless they contact their former employer, and they hold the item until they can come back to pick up the merchandise, but if a new employee on the job receives it, and they see the name they will more than likely say that they don’t know the individual, so send the item back to the sender, and now you have paid shipping for an item that you will never receive, and FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and all of the other delivery merchants will have to return the item to the merchant because you don’t have accurate information on file.  Some mailboxes have only deliver the Jones family, and if a logistics person is delivering a package, or a letter carrier is delivering mail, and they don’t know who the unfamiliar name is, then more than likely they will follow protocol, and not deliver the package that is addressed to Smith, when it says the Jones family only.  Communication, and keeping your information up to date is the key, on www.iwantmymail.com you can accomplish all of these goals, no matter where you move, how often you move, and whomever you might have working for you that might receive items at your address, or place of business, 24/7/365.