The art of hiding packages from porch pirates.

The art of hiding packages from porch pirates.  It’s a shame that it has come down to this, but porch pirates are getting bolder everyday stealing packages from homes, and apartments at an alarming rate.  What can be done to combat porch piracy?  Here are some tips that can help you, and your family in combatting against porch pirates who park in front of your property to steal your package, or packages, once the delivery driver leaves the package at your residence..

1. If you have a barrier, where your package can be hidden, leave a note for the delivery driver, or post a sign that says, hide all packages behind barriers, so that the package can’t be seen from the street.

2.  Buy, or invest in a security camera, if a porch pirate sees a security doorbell sign, then more than likely they don’t want to be filmed, or caught on camera, a small investment can save you a lot of heartache, over a stolen package.

3.  If you don’t want to invest in a security camera, buy a flowerpot, they’re great barriers if they’re big enough to hide your packages from the street.

4.  Use the comments section on the delivery merchant, so that you can leave a note, such as don’t leave my package out in the open, because if it’s visible it has a greater chance of being stolen.

5.  Communicate with your neighbors, if your neighbor is a retiree, and if they’re at home a lot, ask them to retrieve your package if you’re at work, and have them to hold the item, until you return home from work.

6.  Invest in a parcel locker box, there are several options, but the delivery personnel will need the code to securely place the package into your parcel locker box, that is located at your residence.

There are several other options, but these are a few that could assist you in preventing porch pirates from stealing your packages.  More than just a blog!