Family feud, fighting over mail.

Family feud, fighting over mail, might sound like a catch phrase, but it really does happen. There are several reasons that lead up to this such as a break up, divorce, and separation, death, and etc. If you’re in the middle of this type of controversy it’s important that you take the appropriate measures to avoid conflict, if you’re the individual who is moving it’s important to fill out a change of address card with the Postal Service, and check the appropriate boxes in regards to if the order is individual, entire family, business, and etc., if you leave out a name that you want included you must fill out another change of address so that family member, or individual can receive their mail as well, remember that your letter carrier can’t read your mind, updating your Amazon accounts, or any other accounts where you receive direct shipments, and recurring orders is important as well, because if you don’t change your information then your order will come to your address that you last lived at if you haven’t updated it, and trying to go to your previous address to get an item that was left could lead to danger for you if there’s a restraining order against your soon to be ex-husband, or wife, or family member.

In the event that their is a death in your family, and the police have become involved, and you’re waiting on a death certificate, or even the final check from the insurance company, and you want to approach your letter carrier, remember that you have to have the proper identification if you decide to approach the letter carrier, or go to the Post Office to pick up your mail, letter carriers don’t want to be a part of a domestic dispute, so take the proper steps to avoid a family feud.