Identify your house, you will benefit!…

Living in a residential neighborhood, it’s always important to identify your house. You might be asking yourself why should I identify my house? There are several factors as to why you should identify your home, one being it helps emergency responders when you might have an emergency at your home be able to identify which house is your house, if you have numbers on your mailbox, and more importantly numbers on you house, and curb uniquely identify which home belongs to you, and those precious seconds, and minutes can play a vital factor in saving someone’s life in the event of a life threatening emergency. Having your address on the curb outside of your home helps your Postal employee to be able to deliver your mail more efficiently in the event that your house doesn’t have numbers to identify the house. Numbers play a vital role for UPS, Amazon, FedEx, DHL, and other providers because delivery merchants have a better chance of getting the delivery right if there’s a number on the curb, or numbers on the mailbox, or house, this really increases your opportunity for a safe delivery. If you identify your house, it’s also important to put your name inside of your mailbox, because everyone moves, and if you have your last name visible, and you identify all of the other residents then you have a better chance of getting a delivery with all of the mail that belongs to your address. If you have a relative that is going to be receiving mail for a time period, it’s important that you notify your Mailman, because if you don’t you take a chance of the mail being returned to sender, because they’re following your note in the mailbox to deliver mail only to these residents. Communication is the key! Identify your house, you’ll be glad that you did!