Don’t let the Porch Pirate steal your Christmas!

Don’t let the Porch Pirate steal your Christmas! Around the world there are reports of porch pirates boldly walking up to houses, condos, apartments, and etc., to steal your items that you have worked hard for all year to spread the feeling of Christmas joy around the world. Here are some things that can help you in your fight against porch pirates around the world. If someone is driving around in a vehicle without a license plate, and you see them back into a yard as if they live at the residence consider it to be a red flag, if they have a plastic sack from Walmart or any other store covering their license plate they could be up to no good, they could not only be looking for packages to steal they could be inside of your house trying to rob your home of any and all valuables that you possess.

How can you defend against porch pirates? Let logistics and delivery companies know that you don’t want your items put into plain sight where anyone can see them from the street, this attracts the attention of a porch pirate, also if they can put the items in a plain box this might help to deter theft, but if they see names such as Nike, Gucci, Polo, and etc., the porch pirate will think that they have struck gold. If you have the opportunity to obtain a Ring, Nest, or any type of system that can record activity on your porch it’s highly recommended that you do so, because it can help capture the thief in action, and could possibly aid the police in identifying the suspect who is committing these crimes. If you travel, or stay at work for long hours ask your neighbor to pick up your package, and save it for you when you get home. Don’t let the Porch Pirate steal your Christmas!