If you want your mail…

If you want your mail, there are certain things that you must do in order to be able to receive your mail such as, filling out a form to let the Postal Service know that you have moved, filling out a form correctly online when you order something from a merchant if you want the item delivered to your address, notifying people that you know that you have moved, and give them the correct address, putting the correct zip code, apartment number, or street address down, and etc. It’s always amazing to see when people order things online, and they forget to put down specific details to receive their item, such as leaving out the suite number, or apartment number, spelling the street wrong, and now you wonder why there has been a delay in you receiving your item, because the delivery personnel are looking for a street that’s not in their zip code, or that number that you entered doesn’t exist on the street that you live on. Examples of this could be that you live on at 5532 Freebird Lane Duluth, Minnesota 55802, and you make an error on ordering your item, and you enter 6632 Freebird Lane Duluth, Minnesota, and there is no such number as 6632 Freebird Lane in the 55802 zip code, instead the 6600 block of Freebird Lane is in the zip code of 55810, then more than likely your item will be returned to the merchant, because you have entered incorrect data. Normally when dealing with the Postal Service, they will try to figure out, or might even will call the other zip code to see if that address is legit in that zip code, and then the error will be corrected, but with other logistics companies, if they don’t ask a letter carrier, then the item will be returned to the sender. If you want your mail, these are some small tips that can help you receive your items in a timely manner, double-check, ask questions, verify, good luck! Here’s to a great week!