If you notice a mistake, on your mail, or package, correct it!

If you notice a mistake, on your mail, or package, correct it! Sounds like a bold statement, but a lot can happen if you don’t fix the issue, before it becomes a problem. During holidays, and birthdays people often choose to order items online, versus going into a busy shopping mall, where we have to deal with crowds, as well as traffic, so it’s easy, and convenient to order items online that can be ordered in a secure, and safe platform on the Internet. You actually live in Jersey City, New Jersey, and you have a relative who lives in Santa Monica, California, who has a sweet 16 birthday coming up next week, so you use your credit card to order her the Louis Vuitton purse that she has been wanting, and you change the order details of the shipping from coming to your house to the address of your niece in Santa Monica, California, the transaction is complete, and you receive the confirmation email, with details of the tracking information, and who is going to be the logistics carrier delivering the item to your niece’s house. Three days later you receive a coupon from Louis Vuitton that gives you 30% off for your order of a new purchase, so you decide to go back online to shop, and you order items for yourself, along with your daughter, and you forget to change the shipping information that you changed to send your niece her birthday gift to Santa Monica, California, so guess what is going to happen, your order is going to be shipped to Santa Monica, California instead of Jersey City, New Jersey. To correct the problem, always double check the shipping information before you finalize the transaction because once you click to complete the transaction it can’t be changed unless you call the 800 number of the merchant to correct the mistake. The same thing can be said about your mail, if your name, or street address is misspelled, correct the error with your credit card company, because if your last name is Smith, and someone does a typo, and spells it Smyth, and you decide to move, your mail will not be forwarded until you correct the mistake. If you notice a mistake, on your mail, or package, correct it!