Moving in the same zip code has advantages!

Moving in the same zip code has advantages! Why is this possible? Well if you live in a house, and you decide to sell your property, and move two streets over, and two blocks east, and your zip code happens to remain the same then it could be beneficial to you, and your family if you happen to get to meet the new owner, and let them know where you’re currently residing now that you have sold your house. Why is this important? Well suppose you order an item auto-ship, but you forget to communicate with the company that you receive the auto-shipment from once a month, and they deliver the item to your old address at 4552 Brushy Creek Lane, and you’re now residing at 4301 Shady Creek Drive, and the DHL driver does as the package says, leave if no one is at home, and when the new owner gets home, and sees the package, they can then call you, and within 5 minutes you can go to the house, and retrieve the package, but if the new owner doesn’t know you, and you remember that the auto-shipment date is always on the 20th day of the month, and you go to your old property to retrieve your auto-shipped package for weight loss, and the new owner has a Ring, Nest, or any type of security alarm setup at their home, and they see you pick up a package that they think belongs to them, then you could be looking at theft, and trespassing charges.

Normally if your item is sent through the Postal Service, the carriers will communicate, and figure out that in most cases you could still be on their route, or their case partner next to them to help solve this dilemma, so remember to communicate, and remember that moving in the same zip code has advantages.