Divorce, and what happens to your mail after the divorce is final.

Divorce, and what happens to your mail after the divorce is final. Divorce isn’t easy, sometimes people that get married, don’t necessarily stay together as promised. In the event that a divorce is filed by the husband, or the wife, the proper steps must be put in place in order to receive your mail, and packages that you might still be ordering instead of going into a shopping mall, or local neighborhood store to shop. If the couple that is divorcing is planning on selling their home, both parties need to submit a change of address through the Postal Service, the sooner the better, once both parties, or one has found a new residence to have their mail forwarded to. We’ll take Bill Smithson Doe for example, he’s the soon to be ex-spouse of Jill Jane Doe, they have three children, and Judge Brown has decided to give custody to Jill, so Bill Smithson Doe should fill out a change of address as an individual, and if he has a business, he needs to submit a change of address in the name of his business. Jill, whose maiden name is Wilson should submit a family order in her name of Doe, since her three children are going to be with her, as well as submit a change of address in her maiden name of Wilson in case she receives mail in her maiden name, it could occur, so this would be a wise thing to do. If both parties have accounts where they order products that are drop shipped every two weeks, then they both should update their respective accounts, as well as notifying their credit card companies of their new addresses, because if they don’t mail, and packages will continue to be delivered to the old address, and the new homeowner might decide to simply write, “no longer here on the package, or mail!” A side note contact friends who might send you Christmas cards to let them know of your current status, because if you don’t communicate, they’ll never know that changes have occurred in your life. Happy New Year to all! www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!