Things that trigger porch piracy.

Things that trigger porch piracy. Interesting title you might say, but what you write on a package during the holiday season, really does matter. First, when you mail a package, as a rule of thumb, make an attempt to contact the addressee, who you’re sending the package to. Why you might ask? Because people move, job promotions, a divorce, a new job opportunity, wanting to relocate back to one’s hometown might play a factor in the moving process, or moving back home to help a loved one, who might be in the hospital, and needing someone around to watch, and help them in their recovery phase. What to write on a package, first make sure that your printing is legible, and if you choose to write in cursive, make sure that it’s clear, and legible for the delivery personnel to see, because one number off can lead to a package being returned to the sender, because for example the correct address is 6939 Halo Minto Dr., and you choose to write the address down as 9639 Halo Minto Dr., and the item that was intended for zip code 93206 is actually being re-routed for 87156, so that package that you spent $85 for shipping, and handling is now being sent across the country, when you originally planned for the package to arrive at your spouses job within 2 days of what you paid for the shipping service to track the shipping. It’s always smart to verify, rather than to spend a lot of money to pay for shipping for a package that the receiver may never receive. If you write on the package, gifts enclosed don’t open until Christmas, or you write on a envelope, cash enclosed, or gift card enclosed, these are some of the things that could trigger a porch pirate. Almost everyone loves colored envelopes, but be careful what you write on them, such as concert tickets, college football tickets, NBA courtside seats, these things could trigger porch piracy, because thieves often look for clues that there might be something valuable in your package, or envelope, that they might think could be of value to them. A dark porch, could also trigger porch piracy, especially if you don’t turn on your porch lights. If you don’t check your mail on a daily basis when it’s delivered, could also trigger porch piracy, because porch pirates look for clues that you could possibly be out of town, because if you’re not checking your mail, then you could possibly be out of town for the week, so always remember to put in a hold mail request through until you return from out of town. If you happen to leave for a short period of time, never leave a note that says, “leave all packages behind the gate, we don’t have a dog!” This statement helps a porch pirate be able to walk through your gate to retrieve your packages, if you happen to be at work, and you haven’t made it home yet. Things that trigger porch piracy. Happy Holidays! More than just a blog!