Using barriers to hide packages.

Using barriers to hide packages. If a house has a barrier such as a flower pot, bushes, a brick wall that closes off a porch, or anything else that can shield a package from being seen from the street, it’s in the best interest of the customer that the delivery merchant hide the package behind one of these barriers so that a porch pirate can’t see the item from the street. Why is this important? Well if an item can be seen from the street it has a better chance of being stolen versus one that is hidden behind a pillar, or a set of giant bushes that may shield off your porch. Sometimes a customer will have a sign on their porch that might read, “hide all packages behind columns!” If a customer has a sign with instructions it’s best to honor the customers wishes in regards to hiding a package so that it can’t be seen from the street. If the customer has a smart doorbell, and it doesn’t have tape, or a sign that says don’t ring the doorbell, because children are sleeping, then ring the doorbell so that an alert will be sent to their smartphone to alert them that a package has been delivered to their address. What can the customer do to help the delivery driver? If the doorbell is rang, try to get to your door as soon as possible, because ignoring your doorbell can lead to theft if you allow your packages to sit outside while you’re watching your favorite lifetime movie, or football game on your television. If your porch doesn’t have columns, or anything to protect your packages from being seen from the street, invest in a smart doorbell, or put up landscaping such as bushes where a package can be shielded from the street, but remember if your package can’t be hidden from the street then it can become subject to bad weather that could potentially damage items inside of your package that you have ordered, or that a relative might have sent to you as a birthday gift, or something that you might have won in an auction on Ebay. Using barriers to hide packages. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!